Motivated by studies of low-density materials and fiber-dominated composites, we consider an elastic material whose strain energy function depends only on a finite number of directional strain measures, which correspond to the strains of material fibers in specific material directions. It is shown that an arbitrary set of six distinct direction vectors can be used to define six symmetric base tensors which span the space of all symmetric second-order tensors. Using these base tensors and their reciprocal tensors we develop a representation for the strain tensor in terms of six directional strain measures. The functional form of the strain energy of a general anisotropic nonlinear elastic material may then be expressed in terms of these directional strain measures. Next, we consider general nonlinear isotropic response by developing explicit functional forms for three independent strain invariants in terms of these directional strain measures. Finally, with reference to previous work, we discuss isotropy of specific functional forms of directional strain measures associated with up to 15 directions in space.

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