In this paper, the characteristics of the stress field near a corner of jointed dissimilar materials are studied as a plane problem. It is found that the order of singularity is dependent not only on the elastic constants of materials and the local geometry of corner, but also on the deformation mode. The dependence of the order of singularity was established for the case of mode I and the case of mode II. An explicit closed-form expression is given for the singular stress field at the close vicinity of the corner, in which the stress field is expressed as a sum of the symmetric state with a stress singularity of 1/r1-λ1 and the skew symmetric state with a stress singularity of 1/r1-λ2. When both λ1 and λ2 are real the singular stress field around the point singularity is defined in terms of two constants K1, λ1, K11, λ2, as in the case of crack problems.

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