investigation is carried out for a class of piecewise linear oscillators with asymmetric characteristics. The damping and restoring forces are general trilinear functions of the system velocity and displacement, respectively, while the excitation is harmonic in time. First, an analysis is presented which determines harmonic and subharmonic steady-state response. Then, a special formulation is employed in examining the stability of located periodic motions. Finally, numerical results are presented for several representative sets of the system parameters. Effects of asymmetries in the response due to unequal gaps as well as unequal stiffness and damping coefficients are analyzed in detail. Asymmetric response of a system with symmetric technical characteristics is also investigated. The behavior of the systems examined resembles response of similar nonlinear systems with continuous characteristics, like the response of the Duffing and van der Pol oscillators. Complicated nonperiodic response is also encountered and analyzed.

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