Modified series expansions are used to study semi-infinite isotropic elastic strip problems for general end conditions and corner singularities. The solutions of strips with mixed lateral edges are used as the expansion sets of the end displacement and stress, and an end stiffness matrix, the relation of harmonics of the end displacement and stress, is formed. The present end stiffness matrix approach, an extension to static strip problems of the method by Kim and Steele (1989, 1990) for time-harmonic wave propagation in a semi-infinite cylinder, is effective due to the asymptotic behavior of the stiffness matrix. Also presented is a technique for handling the corner singularities, which is based on the asymptotic analysis of the expansion coefficients of the end stresses. With this, the order and strength of the singularities are determined, local oscillations are virtually suppressed, and converging solutions are obtained. Some numerical examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach.

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