Heretofore unavailable closed-form solutions are obtained for unbalanced symmetric as well as balanced unsymmetric angle-ply, moderately thick cylindrical shells subjected to axially varying (axisymmetric) internal pressure loading, under the framework of constant shear-angle theory (CST) or first-order shear deformation theory (FSDT), for any boundary condition. The solutions are obtained for four CST-based kinematic relations, which are extensions of the classical shell theories due to Donnell, Love-Timoshenko, Love-Riessner, and Sanders. The available CLT (classical lamination theory)-based solutions can be obtained from the present solutions in the limiting case of the two transverse shear moduli tending to infinity. Numerical results have been presented for two layer and three layer angle-ply cylindrical shells with simply-supported edges and have been compared with the corresponding CLT-based analytical solutions and also the LCST (layerwise constant shear angle theory)-based finite element solutions.

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