This paper deals with the initial postbuckling of antisymmetric cross-ply closed cylindrical shells under torsion. Under the assumptions employed in Koiter’s theory of elastic stability, the structure is imperfection-sensitive in certain intermediate ranges of the reduced-Batdorf parameter (approx. 4 ≤ ZH ≤ 20.0). Due to different material bending-stretching coupling behavior, the (0 deg inside, 90 deg outside) two-layer clamped cylinder is less imperfection sensitive than the (90 deg inside, 0 deg outside) configuration. The increase in torsional buckling load due to a higher value of Young’s moduli ratio is not necessarily accompanied by a higher degree of imperfection-sensitivity. The paper is the first to consider imperfection shape to be identical to the torsional buckling mode and presents concise parameter variations involving the reduced-Batdorf paramter and Young’s moduli ratio.

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