When a two-dimensional elastic body that contains a notch or a crack is under a plane stress or plane strain deformation, the asymptotic solution of the stress near the apex of the notch or crack is simply a series of eigenfunctions of the form ρδf (ψ,δ) in which (ρ,ψ) is the polar coordinate with origin at the apex and δ is the eigenvalue. If the body is a three-dimensional elastic solid that contains axisymmetric notches or cracks and subjected to an axisymmetric deformation, the eigenfunctions associated with an eigenvalue contains not only the ρδ term, but also the ρδ+1, ρδ+2… terms. Therefore, the second and higher-order terms of the asymptotic solution are not simply the second and subsequent eigenfunctions. We present the eigenfunctions for transversely isotropic materials under an axisymmetric deformation. The degenerate case in which the eigenvalues p1 and p2 of the elasticity constants are identical is also considered. The latter includes the isotropic material as a special case.

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