Data are reported from 48 hour constant multiaxial stress creep followed by 48 hour creep recovery with the magnitudes of the effective stress ranging from 34.5 MPa (5.00 ksi) to 175.5 MPa (25.46 ksi). They differed from a previous data set in the much longer constant-stress durations and the inclusion of data from low stress creep, compression creep, and short term aging tests. Data were represented by a viscous-viscoelastic model in which the time-dependent strain was resolved into recoverable and nonrecoverable components. Previous stress-strain relations for constant stress creep and recovery were modified to include the current experimental observations of the nonexistence of creep limits, negligible aging effects, and symmetry in tension and compression. The time dependence was represented by a power of time with different exponents for the recoverable and nonrecoverable components. A homogeneous function of maximum shear stress was developed to represent the full range of stress dependence of the nonrecoverable time-dependent components; the third-order multiple integral representation was used for the recoverable component.

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