This paper is concerned with the instability of inviscid and viscous jets utilizing the basic equations of the one-dimensional direct theory of a fluid jet based on the concept of a Cosserat (or a directed) curve. First, a system of differential equations is derived for small motions superposed on uniform flow of an inviscid straight circular jet which can twist along its axis. Periodic wave solutions are then obtained for this system of linear equations; and, with reference to a description of growth in the unstable mode, the resulting dispersion relation is found to agree extremely well with the classical (three-dimensional) results of Rayleigh. Next, constitutive equations are obtained for a viscous elliptical jet and these are used to discuss both the symmetric and the antisymmetric small disturbances in the shape of the free surface of a circular jet. Through a comparison with available three-dimensional numerical results, the solution obtained is shown to be an improvement over an existing approximate solution of the problem.

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