The plane problem for an infinite strip with two edge cracks under a given state of residual stress is considered. The residual stress is compressive near and at the surfaces and tensile in the interior of the strip. If the crack is deep enough to penetrate into the tensile zone, then the problem is one of crack-contact problem in which the depth of the contact area is an unknown which depends on the crack depth and the residual stress profile. The problem has applications to the static fatigue of glass plates and is solved for three typical residual stress profiles. In the limiting case of the crack crossing the entire plate thickness, the problem becomes a stress-free end problem for a semi-infinite strip under a given residual stress state away from the end. This is a typical stress diffusion problem in which decay behavior of the residual stress near and the nature of the normal displacement at the end of the semi-infinite strip are of special interest. For two typical residual stress states the solution is obtained and some numerical results are given.

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