Equations of motion are derived for coupled extension, flexure, and torsion of pretwisted curved bars of thin-walled, open section. The derivation is based on energy principles and includes inertia terms. The major effect of initial pretwist is to allow coupling of all possible beam deformation modes; however, if the bar is straight and has two axes of symmetry, pretwist causes coupling only between the two bending modes, and between extension and torsion. The governing equations are presented in first-order form, and a numerical technique is suggested for the case of space varying pretwist. It is suggested that these equations may form the basis for a simplified study of the effect of superelevation on the static and dynamic response of curved highway bridges. Finally, a simple straight beam with uniform pretwist is studied to compare effects of pretwist and restrained torsion in a thin-walled beam of open section.

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