This paper considers the problem of determining stresses and deformations in elastic thin-walled, prismatical beams, subject to axial end forces and end bending and twisting moments, within the range of applicability of linear theory. The analysis, which generalizes recent work on the problem of torsion [1], is based on the differential equations of equilibrium and compatibility of thin shells in the form given by Gunther [2], together with constitutive equations given by the first-named author [3]. The technically most significant aspect of the work has to do with the analysis of the effect of anisotropy of the material, which is associated with previously not determined modes of coupling between stretching, bending, and twisting. Use of the general formulas of the theory is illustrated for a class of shells consisting of an “ordinary” material (unable to support stress moments with axes normal to the middle surface of the shell, and unable to undergo transverse shear deformation). Here explicit formulas are obtained for certain types of open as well as of closed-cross-section beams.

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