Three-dimensional wave propagation in an elastic half space is considered. The half space is traction free on half its boundary, while the remaining part of the boundary is free of shear traction and is constrained against normal displacement by a smooth, rigid barrier. A time-harmonic surface wave, traveling on the traction free part of the surface, is obliquely incident on the edge of the barrier. The amplitude and the phase of the resulting reflected surface wave are determined by means of Laplace transform methods and the Wiener-Hopf technique. Wave propagation in an elastic half space in contact with two rigid, smooth barriers is then considered. The barriers are arranged so that a strip on the surface of uniform width is traction free, which forms a wave guide for surface waves. Results of the surface wave reflection problem are then used to geometrically construct dispersion relations for the propagation of unattenuated guided surface waves in the guiding structure. The rate of decay of body wave disturbances, localized near the edges of the guide, is discussed.

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