The stability of simply supported conical shells under axial compression is investigated for 4 different sets of in-plane boundary conditions with a linear Donnell-type theory. The first two stability equations are solved by the assumed displacement, while the third is solved by a Galerkin procedure. The boundary conditions are satisfied with 4 unknown coefficients in the expression for u and v. Both circumferential and axial restraints are found to be of primary importance. Buckling loads about half the “classical” ones are obtained for all but the stiffest simple supports SS4 (v = u = 0). Except for short shells, the effects do not depend on the length of the shell. The physical reason for the low buckling loads in the SS3 case is explained and the essential difference between cylinder and cone in this case is discussed. Buckling under combined axial compression and external or internal pressure is studied and interaction curves have been calculated for the 4 sets of in-plane boundary conditions.

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