The perturbation method is used to analyze small and large-deflection problems of clamped skewed plates under uniform pressure. The results are improved by successive approximations to the three displacement components of a point on the middle plane of the plate. Numerical and graphical results are presented. Comparisons are made with existing results for skewed plates with small deflections as well as with results for rectangular plates with small and large-deflection behavior; good agreement is shown. The effects of skew and aspect ratio on plates with large deflections are investigated. The ratios of maximum center deflection to thickness of plate at which linear and nonlinear theories start deviating significantly from each other are obtained for different aspect ratios and skew angles. It is shown that the center deflection decreases with increase in skew and aspect ratio, and that the maximum resultant stress occurs along the longer edges of the plates and is displaced toward the obtuse corners.

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