This paper is an abstract of a manuscript submitted by Mr. Bailey at the request of the Plasticity Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division through its chairman, Dr. Nadai. The paper is also an abridgment of Mr. Bailey’s paper read before the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, November 22, 1935. The purpose of this abstract is to indicate the wide range of topics treated fully in the original paper and to give a useful and adequate summary of this pioneer work by Mr. Bailey.

In many cases, because of lack of space, the bases of the author’s conclusions are not discussed in this abstract nor are the mathematical derivations included. The reader interested in these details should consult the London paper. Footnotes have been added to this abstract mentioning references which are readily available and which will supplement and illuminate this abbreviated treatment. Comprehensive and somewhat different abstracts of the original London paper have also appeared in “Engineering,” November 29 and December 13, 1935, and in “The Engineer,” December 6, 1935.

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