An elastic analysis of U-shaped expansion joints under axial loads and internal or external pressure is presented. The analysis employs the energy method for the toroidal sections, and the theory of symmetrical bending of circular plates augmented by thickwalled cylinder analysis for the annular plate connecting the two toroidal sections. The general solution permits the investigation of any U-shaped expansion joint falling in the range of thin shells, for any arbitrary combination of axial force and pressure loading. Different forming radii may be assigned to the inner and outer toroidal sections, and it is permissible to vary the average thicknesses of the two toroidal sections and the interconnecting annular plate independently. Expressions are given for the load-extension and load-stress characteristics of U-shaped expansion joints, and a numerical example is presented comparing the present solution with results of existing approximate analyses. The method presented here lends itself readily to programming on an electronic computer.

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