Two new families of blunt half bodies are derived from the combination of source distributions and a uniform stream. One is obtained from a source lamina placed normal to an infinitely broad free stream, the other family is obtained by using the same source distribution between parallel walls. Formulas for the half-body profiles and the velocity and pressure distributions are given. Results of a calculation for selected values of the parameters are presented in graphical form and applications of the formulas are made to give the pressure distributions on the profile and the walls. The influence of the walls on the pressure distribution and body shape is studied. An approximate relationship (obtained by neglecting the small change in body shape for large wall distances) is derived for the half-body size which may be placed between given walls with a prescribed error in the pressure at one point of the profile. It is concluded that the influence of walls should be considered carefully in the design or use of two-dimensional facilities for study of flows which are of the half-body type.

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