This paper contains a solution in series form for the stress distribution in an infinite elastic medium which possesses two spherical cavities of the same size. The loading consists of tractions applied to the cavities, as well as of a uniform field of tractions at infinity, and both are assumed to be symmetric with respect to the common axis of symmetry of the cavities and with respect to the plane of geometric symmetry perpendicular to this axis. The loading is otherwise unrestricted. The solution is based upon the Boussinesq stress-function approach and apparently constitutes the first application of spherical dipolar co-ordinates in the theory of elasticity. Numerical evaluations are given for the case in which the surfaces of the cavities are free from tractions and the stress field at infinity is hydrostatic. The results illustrate the interference of two sources of stress concentration in a three-dimensional problem. The approach used here may be extended to cope with the general equilibrium problem for a region bounded by two nonconcentric spheres.

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