This paper provides a summary of testing of Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) flowmeter bearings and cage material. This testing was conducted over a several month period in 2004 at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). The test program’s primary objective was to compare the performance of bearings using the existing cage material and bearings using a proposed replacement cage material. In order to meet the test objectives for this program, a flowmeter test rig was designed and fabricated to measure both breakaway and running torque for a flowmeter assembly. Other test parameters, such as motor current and shaft speed, were also recorded and provide a means of comparing bearing performance. The flowmeter and bearings were tested in liquid hydrogen to simulate the flowmeter’s operating environment as closely as possible. Based on the results from this testing, the bearings with the existing cage material are equivalent to the bearings with the proposed replacement cage material. Therefore, the new cage material is a suitable replacement for the existing cage material.

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