The fatigue failure of almost all mechanical parts is caused by the friction and wear of materials. Bearings are the most widely used machine elements and are critical to almost all forms of rotary machinery. This paper focuses on rolling bearing fatigue failure and its test methodologies. If we use normal life test method, under low load and high speed, the test period will be too long and the cost will be too much. But how do accelerate the test to shorten the test period? In this paper, the A2BLT+F2AST—a rapid bearing life and reliability evaluation tool is introduced, it is the integration of hardware, software and standards for solving problems of Accelerated Automatic rolling Bearing fatigue Life and reliability Tester and Fast Failure Analysis System Technology. A2BLT+F2AST—a rapid bearing life and reliability evaluation tool is successfully applied in more than one hundred rolling bearing manufactures and users all over the world. The ABLT series automatic control bearing fatigue life and reliability is successfully developed by our center based on the life tester and life test method of research. The certificate (ZS type, B type, ABLT type) by contrast test: Under the condition of keeping getting in touch with the consistent premise of failure mechanism, accelerating life test can shorten more than 80% test time compared with the normal regulations life test. It can also shorten the new product development period, especially for the automobile hub bearings. The ABLT are composed by test bed, test head, driving system, loading system, lubricating system, electrical control system and monitored control system.

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