Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films doped with different nitrogen contents were prepared by an ECWR-CVD deposition technique, and their composition, structure, nano-mechanical property and nano-tribological behaviors were characterized using PHI680 type Auger Electron Spectrometer (AES), Renishaw Raman system 1000 type Laser Raman Spectroscopic technique and Hysitron Nano-indentor, respectively. It has been found that, with the increasing of nitrogen content in the films, the resultant N-doped DLC films show a monotonous drop in the sp3 ratio and a significant increase in the sp2 ratio, and, accordingly, their nano-mechanical property, including nano-hardness and reduced modulus, decreases evidently. In addition, the depths for the scratched tracks produced during the nano-scratch testing depend heavily on the nitrogen content in the N-doped DLC films, and, in the case of the same applied loads, the higher the doped nitrogen content, the deeper the resulting scratched tracks. However, at the same applied loads, the DLC fims doped with different nitrogen contents exihibit similar nominal coefficients of friction (LF/NF), indicating that the amount of doped nitrogen has little effect on the nano-frictional behavior for the N-doped DLC films.

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