Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) hydrogel is a candidate material for artificial cartilage of joint prostheses. From previous researches [1–4] it is shown that the wear of PVA hydrogel depends on the concentration of proteins in lubricants. Therefore it is considered that the adsorbed film formation by protein of albumin or γ-globulin influences upon the wear grade of PVA hydrogel. The remaining film of proteins on the glass plate was observed in fluorescence microscope. The adsorption condition of albumin and γ-globulin was different. The adsorbed film with effective reduction of the wear showed cooperative stratification of albumin and γ-globulin, but the condition of increased the wear showed separation of albumin and γ-globulin. Consequently, to reduce the wear of PVA hydrogel, cooperative stratification layers are effective.

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