Adiabatics INC. with the support of U.S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command has developed a new high temperature lubricant with additives package to work under the rigid regime of advanced Low Heat Rejection (LHR) diesel engine operating parameters. Using the newly developed high temperature lubricant on a laboratory tribology test bench and on a single cylinder LHR engine, the Army specified requirements of 410 °C Top Ring Reversal (TRR), 175 °C sump temperatures, and friction coefficient of 0.085–0.10 have been met. We have used the test data generated from the laboratory tribology test bench, and the LHR single cylinder test engine to validate the eight tribology performance parameters. The eight tribology parameters are: Oil Film thickness, shear stress, shear rate, temperature, effective viscosity, wear, specific friction work, and contact stress. Also this paper includes test data for the newly designed lubricating and cooling system. Further testing will be conducted on a multi cylinder production engine to complete the validation process of the newly developed lubricant and the lubricating and cooling system.

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