The article deals with water lubricated hybrid marine propeller shaft bearing which was designed and built at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of the Gdansk (Poland) University of Technology. The article contains the following parts: • Description of the test stand, the simulated working conditions, and tested bearings’ specifications. • Results of the conducted measurements. The results of the experimental work include: graphs of friction coefficient, pressures in the water hydrodynamic film and shaft trajectory. • Comparison of hybrid bearing with two others bearings. Typical main shaft bearing with grooved bearing bush working in a semi fluid friction conditions and hydrodynamic bearing with cull bearing bush (without any grooves). The work’s essential conclusion is that fluid film lubrication is possible also in hybrid bearings with grooves. As it was proven under simulated working conditions hydrodynamic lubrication does not take place in typical bearing with grooved bearing bush.

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