An Al-Si alloy impregnated graphite composite (ALGR-MMC) containing a large amount of graphite (56 vol%) has been newly developed to improve the friction and wear characteristics of machine components such as clutches under dry sliding and journal bearings under lubricated sliding. The ALGR-MMC has the same self-lubricating performance as graphite in moist environments. It has good properties of thermal expansion, heat resistance and wear resistance. The objective of this study is to investigate the friction and wear of the ALGR-MMC under fretting conditions. Ball-against-disk type fretting wear tests for the ALGR-MMC (flat) in contact with bearing steel (ball) were conducted at various contact loads in moist air under unlubricated conditions. The friction coefficient was monitored during the tests. The area and depth of wear scars were measured after the tests or in the interrupted tests. From the friction and wear data, the effects of contact load on the fretting wear characteristics of the ALGR-MMC were evaluated with SEM observations of wear scars and EPMA analyses of wear surfaces.

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