An improved HVOF spray process called “Gas-shrouded HVOF” (GS-HVOF) has been developed over the past several years. By using an extension nozzle at the exit of a commercial HVOF spray gun, GS-HVOF is capable of controlling the oxidation of sprayed materials during flight as well as achieving higher velocity of sprayed particles. These features result in extremely dense and clean microstructure of the sprayed coatings. The process has been successfully applied to corrosion resistant alloys such as SUS316L, HastelloyC, and alloy 625 as well as cermets such as WC-Cr3C2-Ni. Wear properties of WC cermet coatings were measured by using a pin-on-disk wear tester. The specific wear rates of the coatings prepared by the GS-HVOF with a reducing (fuel rich) flame were close to that of chrome plating. The wear amount of the heat-treated GS-HVOF coatings could not be detected after testing. It is believed that transition to mild wear appeared early because of the increased surface oxidation due to the heat treatment.

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