The density and pressure variations in the ultra thin liquid perfluoropolyether (PFPE) film (2nm) are carried out by Monte Carlo simulations of Lennard-Jones systems. First of all, the variations of density and pressure of ultra thin PFPE film that has a free surface on the flat substrate are carried out. The substrate is assumed to be continuous without atomic structure and exerting Lennard-Jones potential on liquid molecules in the ultra thin film. Next, the variations of density and pressure in the ultra thin PFPE liquid film between the two solids are examined. This is assumed to be due to the contact between the flying head and the PFPE film. From results of the 2500 steps calculation, it is clarified that the density distribution between two solids becomes symmetrical in shape and the pressure distributions concentrate on the substrate surface and the flying head surface do not occur in the liquid between the two surfaces.

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