This paper describes the effects of molecularly thin liquid lubricant films on slider hysteresis phenomena of touch-down and take-off process in hard disk drives. In the experiments, the tested lubricants were conventional Zdol and novel cyclotriphosphazene-terminated PFPE lubricant (A20H lubricant) with different molecular weight. As a result, it is found that the difference between the touch-down velocity and take-off one (hysteresis behavior) for novel A20H lubricant film is larger than that for Zdol. The LDV RMS values for novel lubricant, which indicate the slider bouncing vibration during the slider-lubricant contact, are also larger than that for Zdol. The effects of lubricant film thickness and molecular weight on slider hysteresis behavior as well as slider bouncing vibration are also clarified. In addition, the replenishment performances of test lubricants for depleted tracks due to slider touch down contact are investigated and discussed.

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