We proposed a design method of a flying head slider that can suppress the bouncing vibration in a near-contact regime, based on parametric study using an improved slider and contact models. At first, we numerically calculated the characteristics of contact force and adhesive force between air bearing pad and disk surface under the current small roughness conditions and found that the contact characteristics can be modeled by constant contact stiffness, a constant adhesion force and the separations of beginning and end of contact. Next we numerically computed the slider dynamics of a 2-DOF slider model by using these contact characteristics and nonlinear air-bearing stiffness. As a result, we could get the self-excited bouncing vibration whose general characteristics are more similar to the experimented results compared to our previous study. Parametric study shows that the frictional coefficient, attractive force and contact stiffness should be decreased and front and rear air-bearing stiffness and ratio of rear to front air-bearing stiffness should be increased in order to realize a stable flying slider in a smallest possible spacing. Moreover, we elucidated the effect of micro-waviness on the self-excited vibration of the slider.

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