This paper focuses on problem of loss aggregates on the surface layer of pavements in particular sites such as approaches to roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. Obtaining a long life-wearing course requires more than can be achieved by improving the properties of the wearing course in it. Generally, the traffic loads, temperature variations, the intrusion of water and freeze-thaw cycles, which will reduce the life of the wearing course, regardless of how well it is designed and constructed. The wearing course is an important interdependent component of the whole pavement. A durable and faultless wearing course acts to protect the base layers against the intrusion of water from above, which is essential to maintain its strength and serviceable life. The objective of this study is to evaluate the wear of a controlled set of pavements with various aggregate mixtures. A single parameter is not enough to describe the mechanisms of surface damage but we propose relationships between the constituents used in pavements and loss of aggregates.

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