Some liquid lubricants for potential aerospace application were prepared. The lubricity of lubricants including silicon oil with and without chlorobenzene group, cyclotriphosphazene derivative X-1P and perfluoropolyether (PFPE) for both steel/steel and steel/bronze sliding pairs were investigated. Gel percolation chromatography (GPC) was used to detect the tribo-polymerization of the tested silicone oil. Materials related to friction pairs is essential, silicon oil and PFPE are not quite effective for lubrication of a steel/steel pair, but be able to reduce both friction and wear of a steel/bronze pair. Chemical reactive elemental such as chlorine, which is substituted into silicon oil, is helpful to improve the antiwear and load-carrying capacity of liquid lubricant. X-1P is also an effective liquid lubricant for both steel/steel and steel/bronze sliding pairs.

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