Thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) composite modified by 20% MoS2 was chosen as research object and the MPX2000 type tribo-tester was improved, which can measure materials wear on-line. A new method, which can determine the transient wear stage, was proposed. Accordingly, the model of wear process was set up, while it was divided into two parts, including the third body production and its remove. The effects of the couple roughness and loading on wear process during the run-in stage were also considered and the wear mechanism was determined by the SEM. It can be concluded that the run-in stage was extended while increasing the couple roughness or loading. Due to its different action on material wear behaviors, the third body formation and remove process were conducted by the couple roughness and loading respectively. The abrasion wear was the main factor during the low loadings and adhesion wear was become more important while the loading reach to 0.75 MPa.

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