In the last few years virtual reality applications have started to be introduced in the wide retail field, with immersive 3D models used as a tool for orienting strategic, logistic and marketing choices. However, in the aforementioned applications, the digitalization of the entire Point Of Sale (POS) has not yet been implemented as a standard process for the complexity related to the generation of thousands of texturized 3D models of single products. This work presents an original integrated system for the semi-automatic 3D modeling of simple 3D packages according to a pre-defined classification of shapes, and their management in a data base. Such approach allows to dramatically minimize the modeling time needed for each model and, therefore, of the whole shop, making economically sustainable the reverse modeling of commercial environments. A key advantage of the implemented process is that it can be used by operators non expert in 3D modeling and can be reapplied in several different fields.

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