The purpose of this research is to simulate high degree of freedom motions with low degree of freedom motions. It breaks the rule of using high degree of freedom to simulate high degree of freedom motions. Besides, except for using expensive servo slider, the study uses cables to control the simulator to reach the purpose of simulating unlimited space with limited space of the simulator and it also reach the demands of low cost. In the research, the operator’s tactile sense in body is simulated; the “visual helmet” is also added. Compared with the traditional infrared transmission, it is faster and the changes of the produced environments are more immediate. This makes the operator feels more realistic in the variation of the virtual scenes. The combination of the cable controlled simulator and the visual helmet with the software of virtual reality games makes the operator obtain more actual simulating effects in visual, audio feedback and tactile, motion feedback. It makes operator feel as if s/he is in the real world.

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