As medical scanning technology continues to accommodate the need for higher quality medical imaging, there is a continuing need for additional research in efficient ways of extracting crucial information from these vast amounts of data. The visualization software, Isis, has been developed to view and manipulate digital medical images in an immersive environment for surgical planning. Isis is designed to display any DICOM/PACS compatible three-dimensional image data for visualization and interaction in an immersive environment. Pseudo-coloring can be applied in real time, with multiple interactive clipping planes to slice into the volume for an interior view, and the windowing feature controls the tissue density ranges to display. Features such as virtual trocars placement, tumor inspection, and an endoscopic view provides surgeons with essential tools for surgical planning. A wireless gamepad controller and an intuitive menu interface allow the user to interact with the software. By wearing a pair of stereo glasses, the surgeon is immersed within the model, providing a sense of realism as if the surgeon is “inside” the patient.

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