Currently, there are many engineering software packages targeted toward high fidelity modeling. Computer aided design (CAD) tools are one example of this. The need for increasingly accurate models has caused this class of software to become even more detailed and comprehensive. Modeling a single design can be a time intensive process; so much so, that most modeling is done by specifically trained CAD professionals, not designers. These advancements in CAD software are at odds with the goal of conceptual design, which is to generate and evaluate as many concepts as possible in a limited amount of time. Within the engineering design process, changes made in preliminary stages have much greater impact for significantly less cost. Unfortunately, few software packages exist that are tailored for use so early in a product’s design cycle. This paper presents an application developed specifically for conceptual design. Through the use of an augmented reality environment, designers are able to quickly and intuitively assemble concepts. Potential designs can be easily manipulated in three dimensions, enhancing the ability to communicate the idea to others.

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