Environmentally clean and green energy is becoming increasingly a requirement of electric power delivery systems. The focus on energy security and terrorism makes an indigenous, sustainable and distributed energy resource increasingly attractive. Distributed wind power has been shown to be a good and economic means for generating clean power in good wind sites, even on an intermittent basis. However, the best wind sites are located offshore where deeper water makes current large bladed windmills uneconomic. A low cost and patently unique modular wind power technology, designated a Wind Amplified Rotor Platform (WARP™) system technology, has been investigated which projects attractive technical and economic benefits when tension leg deployed in deeper water sites where big rotor windmills are impractical. Under marine offshore use these designated e-Sea WARP™ units may include integral gas turbines or fuel cells. The latter may cogenerate with WARP windpower generated hydrogen fuel stored in onboard buoyancy tanks to supply ondemand electric energy which may be shown to be under $.02/kWhr to under $.04/kWhr. Electrical loads from electric utilities, military facilities or on-board naval operations may be serviced. Large environmental, economic, and strategic benefits may be realized by use of this technology for commercial and/or naval/coast guard sentry operations. In essence, e-Sea WARP™ systems may provide sustainable ultra-clean on-demand electricity to onboard naval systems or to nearby energy demand centers on shore by submarine cable from normally excellent wind sites miles from shore at sea.

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