Wind potential — in Italy — has not been completely explored yet, and many investors are still looking into the most promising sites. The interest on the exploitation of a wind site is linked to the possibility of setting up an industrial plan that yields a fast return on investment. The success of this investment depends on the following parameters: • the amount of funding to be spent (cost of the electric lines, roads, turbines, etc.); • the quality of the predicted wind flow; • the price of the electric energy produced. To select a wind site in a fast and convenient way some of the traditional methods of aerodynamics can be borrowed, such as those related to vehicle dynamics. This paper investigates and compares wind site characterization tools and methodologies based on aerodynamics. Simulations and experimental activities were performed in geographical sites located in the center of Italy, where the complex orography requires efficient methods for site characterization and selection, with the aim of speeding up the start-up of wind turbine installations.

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