This paper presents a framework for the dynamic and aeroelastic analysis of a horizontal axis wind turbine modeled as a multi-flexible-body system. The multi-rigid-body portions of the system, composed of the nacelle and hub, are modeled as a system of interconnected rigid bodies using Kane’s equations. The flexible portions, composed of the the blades and tower, are represented using nonlinear beam finite elements, taken from a mixed formulation for the dynamics of moving beams. Each analysis leads to a set of symbolic equations that can be coupled symbolically to represent the dynamic behavior of the wind turbine. A solution procedure is implemented to assess the dynamic stability of the system. Here the solution is divided into two parts: a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations governing the periodic steady-state operating condition, and a set of equations that are linearized about the steady-state operating condition governing the transient dynamics. The harmonic balance method is used for the nonlinear periodic steady-state solution, and the finite element in time method is proposed as an alternative method. Linearization of the equations about the steady-state operating condition yields system equations with periodic coefficients which are solved by Floquet approach to extract the modal parameters. For the aeroelastic analysis, aerodynamic loads from an aerodynamic model to be selected in the future will be inserted into the present framework. Then, the framework can produce a symbolic system matrix, potentially useful for control design. Numerical results are presented for the dynamic characteristic of HAWT’s with flexible tower and blades.

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