The interest of this work is to describe a framework that allows the use of the well-known dynamic estimators in piezoelectric harvester (deterministic performance estimators) but taking into account the random error associated to the mathematical model and the uncertainties on the model parameters. The framework presented could be employed to perform Posterior Robust Stochastic Analysis, which is the case when the harvester can be tested or it is already installed and the experimental data is available. In particular, it is introduced a procedure to update the electromechanical properties of PEHs based on Bayesian updating techniques. The mean of the updated electromechanical properties are identified adopting a Maximum a Posteriori estimate while the probability density function associated is obtained by applying a Laplaces asymptotic approximation (updated properties could be expressed as a mean value together a band of confidence). The procedure is exemplified using the experimental characterization of 20 PEHs, all of them with same nominal characteristics. Results show the capability of the procedure to update not only the electromechanical properties of each PEH (mandatory information for the prediction of a particular PEH) but also the characteristics of the whole sample of harvesters (mandatory information for design purposes). The results reveal the importance to include the model parameter uncertainties in order to generate robust predictive tools in energy harvesting. In that sense, the present framework constitutes a powerful tool in the robust design and prediction of piezoelectric energy harvesters performance.

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