A business plan and a new concept of the Mitsubishi small-sized High temperature gas-cooled modular Reactors (MHR-50/100) had been developed as reported in a paper at the HTR-2010 conference in Prague. The present paper reports the results of ensuing conceptual design study including updated market researches, improved safety features of the plant, and the plant dynamics analysis. Market researches on Japan, the USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East have been updated applying the latest energy outlook data. The result shows that the potential market share for the type of HTGR (high temperature gas reactor) reactors is expected to be 10–20% in new construction of heat source plants in those market areas. A financial analysis made based on the results of the updated market research and the plant cost evaluations indicates that the feasibility of an HTGR business potentially exists. Concerning about the conceptual design, as main themes of the study, a plant design, safety design and plant dynamics have been carried out. The MHR-50/100 high safety characteristics have been confirmed based on the results of the following studies as reported in the present paper: (1) An investigation of a safety scenario during occurrence of a Total Black Out event; (2) An analysis of the reactor decay heat removal via a natural circulation. Lastly, the control methods for the reactor and associated steam cycle system for the MHR-50 have been studied. The results show that the reactor power changes can be effectively achieved by controlling the primary system helium flow rate. The ASURA code developed by MHI is used for simulation of such typical plant transients as 10% step load reduction and full load rejection. The results confirm the easy operability and controllability of the plant.

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