The Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor (SMR) incorporates an integral pressurized water reactor (iPWR) design in which all components associated with the nuclear steam supply system are housed within one pressure vessel. The Westinghouse SMR design also utilizes many of the key features from the AP1000® plant, including passive safety systems. The Westinghouse SMR will be fueled by a derivative of the successful 17×17 Robust Fuel Assembly (RFA) product. An 89 assembly core with an active height of 8 feet will provide a 24 month operating cycle with a power output of 800 MWt. Derived from the AP1000 plant and adapted to operate inside the reactor pressure vessel, 37 control rod drive mechanisms provide reactor shutdown and reactivity control capabilities. Eight seal less pumps provide a nominal reactor coolant flow of 100,000 gallons per minute. An innovative evolution of a straight tube steam generator produces a saturated mixture that is delivered to a steam separating drum located outside of the containment vessel. The steam generator along with the integral pressurizer is attached to the reactor vessel with a single closure flange located near the center of gravity of the reactor assembly and is designed to be removed during refueling operations. Like the AP1000 plant, the Westinghouse SMR relies on the natural forces of gravity and natural circulation to provide core and containment cooling during accident conditions. The passive cooling systems provide sufficient heat removal for seven days without the need for offsite AC power sources. The Westinghouse SMR also includes traditional active components such as diesel generators and pumps; however these components are not required for the safe shutdown of the plant. At a diameter of 32 feet, approximately 25 of the Westinghouse SMR containment vessels can fit within the envelope of the AP1000 containment building. This compact containment will be completely submerged in water during power operation providing a heat sink for postulated accidents. For protection against external threats, the containment vessel and plant safety systems are located below ground level. At approximately one fifth the net electrical output of the AP1000 plant, the Westinghouse SMR is designed to address infrastructure challenges associated with replacing America’s aging fossil fuel plants by providing a safe, clean and reliable energy source. The challenges associated with economies of scale are offset with a compact and simplified plant design, rail shippable components and modular construction.

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