The Finnish companies have built four medium size nuclear power plants. In addition they have constructed two nuclear icebreakers and several floating power plants. The latest 1650 MWe nuclear power plant under construction Olkiluoto-3 has had many problems, which have raised the costs of the plant to €3500/kWe from its original estimate of €2000/kWe and constriction schedule from four to eight years. It is possible to keep the costs down and schedule short by making the plant in shipyard and transport it to site by sea. The plant could be then lifted to its place by pumping seawater into the channel. This kind of concept was developed by the author in 1991, when he was making his thesis of modular gas fired power plants in Helsinki University of Technology. The modular construction of nuclear plants has made in a form of two nuclear icebreakers, which Wa¨rtsila¨ Marine has built in Helsinki Shipyard. The latest modular nuclear plant was launched in 2010 in St Petersburg shipyard. One of the benefits of modular construction is a possibility to locate the plant under rock by making the transportation channels in tunnels. This will give the plant external protection for aircraft crash and make the outer containment unnecessary. The water channels could also be used as pressure suppression pools in case of venting steam from the containment. This could reduce the radioactive releases in case of possible reactor accidents. The two 440 MW VVER plants build in Finland had construction costs of €1600 /kWe at 2011 money. The author believes that a 1200 MW nuclear plant with four 300 MW units can be constructed in five years and with €3300/kW costs, where the first plant could be generating power within 40 months and next units with 6 month intervals.

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