Small Module Reactors (SMRs) face a number of licensing issues due to the fact that existing regulations were designed for large units. The move toward smaller cores, more reliance on passive safety, and modular construction will require new research to meet existing regulations and possibly regulatory change that would be more appropriate to and cost effective for this technology. The Department of Energy is funding a number of research projects to address SMR licensing issues, including both regulatory framework and design-related issues. Near term priorities include Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) sizing, operations & staffing, and physical security integration. The recent accident in Japan only heightens the need for thorough analysis of these issues. The purpose of these activities is to provide research support to assist SMR vendors with licensing and to assist the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in any data needs that might be required for these unique designs. These research activities will be described with attention to how they will address the SMR licensing needs.

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