This paper discusses the design and implementation of both a Voltage Regulator and Speed Controller that are designed to meet the stringent requirements of a Nuclear Power Plant environment. These control systems will be utilized along with an Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) to enable safe and seamless operation of the power plant in the event of a power grid failure. Although Small Modular Reactor (SMR) plants operate at lower power levels and require less cooling after shutdown, there remains a need for an Emergency Diesel Generator to deal with various accident scenarios and/or Loss of Offsite Power (including extended outages). During normal operation the power plant operational control systems will be powered by the power grid. In the event of a grid failure the EDG, which is controlled by the Voltage Regulator and Speed Controller, will be brought on line to supply power to the power plant’s operational control systems. This paper describes the design requirements and the key features of the Voltage Regulator and Speed Controller design that allow it to function in a “safety” critical application. The overall system is a Class 1E rated system (including Class 1E seismic requirements) and is rated to operate continuously over a 0–50°C ambient air temperature range.

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