Since 1994, Seoul National University (SNU) has developed an innovative future nuclear power based on LBE cooling advanced Partitioning and Transmutation (P&T) approach that leaves no high-level waste (HLW) behind with transmutation reactor named as Proliferation-resistant, Environment-friendly, Accident-tolerant, Continual, and Economical Reactor (PEACER). A small modular lead-bismuth cooled reactor has been designated as Ubiquitous, Robust, Accident-forgiving, Nonproliferating and Ultra-lasting Sustainer (URANUS-40) with a nominal electric power rating of 40 MW (100 MW thermal) that is well suited to be used as a distributed power source in either a single unit or a cluster for electricity, heat supply, and desalination. URANUS-40 is a pool type fast reactor with and an array of heterogeneous hexagonal core, fueled by proven low-enriched uranium dioxide fuels. The primary cooling system is designed to be operated by natural circulation. 3D seismic base isolation system is introduced underneath the entire reactor building allowing an earthquake of 0.5g zero period acceleration (ZPA) for the Safe Shutdown Earthquake (SSE). Also, the proliferation risk can be effectively managed by capsulized core design and a long refueling period (25yr).

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