The future of technology lies in the diverse characteristics and capabilities of autonomous machines and devices and their application in many technical challenge. Rapid technology development, market globalization and availability of affordable electronics and controllers, have recently resulted in increased scientific and technical interest in drones as autonomous solutions for professional, as well as, amateur applications. On the other hand, researchers have been improving how manmade machines move through air by attempting to replicate animals motion by mimicking their aerial abilities.

In this paper, we propose a development of a bio-inspired modular drone concept motivated by the bats agility, wingspan and wings folding into various shapes. The drone can be tailored for different applications, from sea port mapping, surveying, tank inspection and port traffic control to pollution monitoring and detection of illegal activities. The aerial performances of the drone allow it to be able to conduct windmills monitoring by connecting to their local monitoring units and send alerts to officials in real-time. This small bat-inspired drone is proposed to have an ability of performing flights with precisely defined trajectories. The accent will be put on the interchangeable wings, analysis of their dynamic attributes and transformation possibilities as a crucial segment of the overall drone performance. The design and fabrication process and the flight characteristics of the various wing configurations of the drone are discussed in details. Limitations of the drone, proposed solutions for further development and recommendations are also presented.

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