Subordinate Oscillator Arrays (SOAs) have been shown to be effective methods for band-limited vibration attenuation. However, SOAs are very sensitive to error in parameter distributions. Slight disorder in structural parameters can render an SOA ineffective. Recent research has shown that Piezoelectric SOAs (PSOAs) provide an alternative that can limit the degradation of the frequency response function due to the disorder. The capacitive shunts attached to such SOAs can be tuned to change overall electromechanical properties of the SOA post-fabrication. The conventional methods of tuning, which study the Frequency Response Function (FRF) of each oscillator in the array, can be an extremely time-consuming process. To apply a systematic approach to tuning, an estimate of the disorder in structural property distributions can be crucial. In this paper, we discuss a simple and effective methodology to estimate the actual structural parameters and subsequently tune the PSOA to ameliorate the effect of disorder. We derive an adaptive estimation technique for PSOAs and present numerical results that demonstrate improved vibration attenuation of this approach.

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