In this paper, an hybrid mass dampers (HMD) and its control law are studied. Based on a optimal tuned mass damper (TMD), it is a one degree of freedom (dof) mass-spring system associated with an electromagnetic system. The passive damping is provided by the coil-magnet combination coupled with a tunable load. The passive resonator has been modify to become “dual”, a second coil-magnet combination has been had on the same dof to create an active part. The control law is a modified velocity feedback with phase compensator. The proposed hybrid system controller is hyperstable and ensure a fail-safe behavior. The HMD is experimentally tested at 1:1 scale. It is carried out on a main structure suspended by flexible blades. The numerical model, with experimental parameters identification, provides good results. Under shock disturbance, experimental results show the ability of this system to react quickly and dissipate energy in comparison with the passive one.

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